BI Insights

MIR Consulting Inc is an IBM Business Partner and with expertise in the field of cognos Business Intelligence. MIR Consulting Inc is in the process of developing an out of box BI solution for small, mid and large firms across different domains. The Product (BI-Insight) MIR Consulting Inc is designing is unique in nature and quickly adaptable for many firms that have need to make informed decisions based on multiple sources of Information. BI reports built in this solution will be dynamic in nature and will be configured at runtime. This reduces the number of reports to be built and maintained but still offers all answers to customers reporting need.

MIR Consulting Inc design of BI solution (BI-Insight) uses IBM cognos as a backend tool and proposes to design a custom web based front end application for its client. BI-Insight can be customized to customer liking and can easily integrate into their internal portal. BI-Insight’s design will be a Java based portal where users can have their KPI’s saved. Users will be able to login at anytime into the portal and look at their customized view of all KPI’s in single portal.