IBM Cognos BI

MIR Consulting Inc are the leading partner of IBM Cognos. We offer the full range of IBM Cognos Business Analytics, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos Performance Management solutions.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the full range of BI capabilities for performance monitoring through scorecards, dashboards, query reporting and analysis, and more to support how people think and work. It provides a limitless BI workspace and it expands traditional BI capabilities

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers relevant information quickly and effectively to key decision makers within an organisation enabling them to quickly and accurately identify which areas of the business are in need of attention or improvement.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the capability to bring data together from different sources and to present meaningful information in a manner that is relevant and at the appropriate level of detail.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a single platform for delivering a complete range of BI capabilities which include; Financial Planning, Business Scenario modelling, Collaboration, Real-time monitoring, Predictive analytics, Analytics, Collective intelligence and actionable insight everywhere in both real-time and mobile environments with business processes to instantly respond at the point of impact

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides an infinite BI workspace to support how people think and work delivering them with the ability to search, interact, and bring together all view points of the business,

The complete range of BI capabilities, is delivered by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, on a single, service-oriented structural design or architecture (SOA). Improved Results and Smarter Decisions are the objective IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.