Programmer Analysts

We have an extremely talented team of programmer analysts who have immense experience and expertise in designing state-of-the art software systems that derive the business. Our analysts are well equipped in developing and maintaining applications and databases as per the industry standard by evaluating client needs.

Our highly skilled analysts can provide out of the box solutions for the most challenging business needs. The analysts at Mir Consulting Inc have excellent exposure to various domain like financial, health care, banking, scientific and others.

They are well equipped to handle development of various type of applications such as Web applications, desktop applications suites and mobile applications using technologies like Microsoft.Net, Java, PHP, Python, etc.

What we will be doing:

  • Perform full range of works related to application analysis, design, and programming functions.
  • Design and suggest innovative changes in application systems
  • Perform various tasks associated with application programming.
  • Develop efficiency in the design and maintenance of database resources besides managing various tasks related to database management.