SQL Server DBA's

MIR Consulting Inc has great depth and experience with SQL Server. We are trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, secure and reliable database environment for your company.

MIR Consulting Inc has very good and experienced database administrators, who can manage your database at low cost. Our database administrators are very intelligent and have immense amount of experience in database administration.

Our DBAs are providing database administration, database management and enhancement and performance optimization service.

What we will be doing:

  • Install and configure SQL Server. Perform account management, data backups and restore
  • Follow established SQL Server technical procedures and provide input on how to improve these procedures and establish missing procedures.
  • Deploy services packs/fixes, perform upgrades, provide maintenance and support for numerous Production and pre-Production environments, independently.
  • Provide and share technical expertise on security, backup/recovery and performance tuning.
  • Monitor database